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There are a plethora of original styles SUPER has produced over their 12 year existence, however only a select few have been officially awarded icon status. The Flat Top, Ciccio, Drew Mama, W, and Lucia, have been given the honor. Each embodies the essence of Super, by combining a unique mix of timeless, contemporary, and […]...

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SUPER Summer 2019 | SACRO

One of the highlights from Super’s new Summer 2019 collection, we present the SACRO. The Super Sacro is a unique blend of old-school style and modern design. The silhouette is characterized by its rectangular shape, beveled edges, and substantial chunky acetate. It is available as either sunglass or an Eyegoodies exclusive optical, and comes in […]...

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Eyegoodies Custom Projects: BLACK ICE

A limited Custom Project brought to you by Eyegoodies Lab, we are proud to present: BLACK ICE. This Eyegoodies Custom Project uses some of the most technically advanced lenses on the planet: Black polarized lenses, made by the world-renowned Japanese lens maker Nikon. The lenses are then finished with a custom multilayer Black Ice mirror […]...

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SUPER Sunglasses Holiday/Winter 2018

Just in the nick of time, we present Super’s new Holiday/Winter 2018 collection. This season draws inspiration from timeless design and a seasonal color palette to create unique frames that are equal parts classic and contemporary.     The new line-up of frames is all about the tint. Lens hues of Bordeaux, Turquoise, and “Mustard […]...

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SUPER Sunglasses Summer 2018

Super Sunglasses Summer 2018 Collection is now available. For Summer 2018 SUPER captures the iconic aesthetics of the 90’s and interprets them with their signature contemporary style. The collection boasts fresh new colorways, as well as completely new sunglass and optical frames with clean architectural lines. Some of our favorites include the new SMILE and […]...

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Garrett Leight Holiday Collection 2017/18

Garrett Leight California Optical, as the name suggests, is designed in California, with the signature laid back spirit we have come to love. However, its not just for locals. Highlighted in the Holiday 2017/18 collection, is that it’s designed for everyone, all face shapes and sizes, skin tones, and genders. Simply put, the frames work […]...

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SUPER Jaguar Future Exclusive - Limited Edition

A Super Special project created for recording artists Futures 2017 Nobody Safe tour. The SUPER / FUTURE sunglasses are a limited release of the iconic Jaguar silhouette, featuring technical yellow lenses juxtaposed to a sleek matte black acetate and essential gun metal galvanic finish for nose-bridge and temples. The yellow lenses are sometimes referred to […]...

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